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jiZer - <I might perhaps depart from this forum.>


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I maked a weet floor refelction tut and david atwell locked it becuse i did'nt have any screenshots! so i took 30 min to add screenshoots and improve it and then ash lock it for the plugin can do the same! why the hell could'nt david atwell type that to, have never seen a forum with strong rules like this i hate it! and why can't the admins make a forum there we should post what we don't like every forum has that! it is maybe becuse we should'nt say what a piece of admins they are? i really loved this forum i watched it every day i come home from the work and i refreshed it all the time i also spread Paint.NET in all in school. but im maybe gonna leave this forum, and all you admins i know that you guys gonna lock this and delete it to becuse you guys don't want peoples on the forum to see this thread that tell truth! i hope all you ADMINS understand what i mean!

10-25 % of all threads are locked and i have find very nice tut's that is locked for a small rule it is so stupid.

maybe gonna leave now. :cry::(

reaply fast if you read this becuse the admins come lock it when they see it or delete!


Simplicity ftw!

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jiZer gets a one day ban to get his act together. That was a completely ridiculous tantrum. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt because you have been here for a while, but next time it's permanent. If you didn't want your tutorial to get locked, you should've read the tutorial guidelines. This was not only not unique (that is, a tutorial had been made before), it's also been replaced by a plugin.

No one is exempt from the rules; yourself included.


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Amy: But how did it end up in there?
The Doctor: You know fairy tales. A good wizard tricked it.
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