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Slicing tool plugin?

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, I'm new.

I'm not even sure if that is even possible as a plugin, I don't know much about development. But was wondering if there is one. I absolutly love paint.net and after using photoshop 7.0 for several years I think its just about as good as PS. but the only thing thats missing that I did use on a daily basis on PS is the slicing tool for making web layouts. Does anyone know if that feature is avaliable or ever will be?

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I've had to overhaul one website created this way, and I don't wish to do it again :( The result was OK in terms of visual hang-together, but sucked when the owner wanted to shift/replace one item because everything on the page had to be rejigged.

It was incredibly large to download each page too. The UK government standards recommend a 40kb limit for homepages (yes 40kb!) and you just won't get near that with this technique.

I recommend you avoid the technique. Learn CSS instead and target your images to the important areas only, with text being the main information source.

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