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Take a look in the tutorials section and find some cool effects and then use them and play around to find some things you like. Also look at other peoples banners and try and figure out how they were made.


Take a look at this advert. The text is very clear, its got a nice color scheme and it doesnt look too boring.

Generally though there are some basic things that people think about when designing a banner.

- An interesting but not to contrasting background behind text. If you have loads of colours behind text it will take focus away and make it hard to read.

- Make the message short but sweet. Make sure you get your information across withought putting too much text in. Not many people will sit around reading all the text on a web advert. It should catch their attention and perhaps make them thing "hey that looks interesting".

- Also I know I said not a too contrasting background, but don't make it boring. Also where there is no text is a good place to place images and stuff.

I dunno if any of thats gonna be helpful but good luck...

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