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Bullet holes Tut (100% complete!!)


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i made broken glass=)

1. find your glass...

2. add a new layer :AddNewLayer:

3. paint a black dot :PaintBrushTool: (i used 25px)

4. frosted glass :FrostedGlass: 3px

5. lasso tool :LassoTool: and use it and the glass layer... just a lot around the Bullet...

6. use move selected pixels :MoveTool: and move the "broken" part about 3-10 pixels(depends on the size of the glass)

7. add new layer :AddNewLayer: and move it to the bottom and then u fill it with white





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Now that is nice!

Thanks for sharing :)

After your final step, try Majority plugin at default setting. :)

Try it everybody, you all gonna like it!! 8)


That's almost perfect, but I suggest to add a blur or dents at the interior part of the hole. It looks too clear.

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Take my revenge.

*SuperV falled on toxic wastes*

*SuperV revives as a zombie*

*SuperV walks... slowly toward HellSpawn*

*SuperV walks...*

*SuperV activates "Shealth"*

*SuperV eats HellSpawn brain*

Oh, wait. I fail. HellSpawn doesn't have a brain!

And... Ash... You will pay!

I present you the... the...


Tun tun tun!


(i've got great editing skills ^^)

Don't take it personally, we're joking!

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@Woodsy  You are a very, very busy man. 


Thanks @ReMake for the re-hosting of the images and @Woodsy for the pdf!  <3  :D


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