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psychofranky's finished pieces


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Hey, how's it going? First off, thank you to everyone who works on PDN. it's an amazing program. I've been a lurker here for a while I guess but I though I'd share some of my creations and start in as an active member.

I'm a stencil maker. Later today I'll be posting a tutorial on how to do this. The "PS" tutorial does not work really well for us, and it's a little to simplistic and leaves too much room for error that could ruin your work. "PS" is garbage for stencil making.

All of these paintings started off with .PDN. After my harddrive bombed, I lost all the original renderings so here are the finished products.

Please, feel free to ask anything and thank you for looking.


Roy Orbison. 4-layers, stencils should be finished later tonight.


1949 Pontiac. 4 layers, not done yet. I will use stencils, sketching, and pastels for the final image.


1949 Chevrolet, waiting to be finished. 4-layers


Rollie Free's 1948 land speed record run. 4-layers, 12X24


1955 Cadillac. 3-layers, 24X36


1958 Buick Special. 4-layers


Stencil art is great because you can use them over and over again.


Sorry, '58 Buicks are my favourite car. 2-layers, 24X48


Stencil for the long '58


1950 Mercury. 3-layers.


Comissioned work for a co-worker. 5-layers,18X18


nurse. 2-layers


Frank Sinatra. This was my first piece ever. I had a lot of things I had to figure out at this point. four or five layers, I botched a couple things I think.


"winding Down" 1-layer, 22X28.


2-layers, 16X20






Luci & Desi. 4-layers, nine stencils 24X36


Amy Wino(Winehouse) 5-layers on record


M.C. Escher's "Hand with reflecting sphere". 4-layers, 22X28. Over a month of work in .PDN just getting ready for sketching/cutting.


The Dirty Harry Caray. 4-layers, 22X28. This is my pride and joy, I'm a dork, I know.


This is my picture, it's how I mark all the originals. this is only used for the first pressing of each stencil. It's so I know which ones to keep.


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The first 3 pictures are PDN actually, the rest are the finished products. My harddrive bombed so I don't have the PDN pics of the rest of 'em. Like I said, it all starts in PDN, I just take it to the next step.

I'd post a tut on how to use this to create a real stencils, but I guess that'd just be a waste of breath. :?

Go get Illnab1024's plug-in. You'll need the "Cutout" and Alpha filters.

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