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Tut request: sound wave

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Sound is a series of compression waves that moves through air or other materials.These sound waves are created by the vibration of some object, like a radio loudspeaker.

Creating sound

Whenever an object in air vibrates,it causes compression waves in the air.These waves move away from the object as sound.There are many forms of the vibration,some not so obvious.Sound can also be created by vibrating an object in a liquid such as water or in a solid such as iron. A train rolling on a steel railroad track will create a sound wave that travels through the tracks.They will then vibrate,creating sound in air that you can hear,while the train may be a great distance away.




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not enough for a tut so quick walk thru

open new picture

bucket fill the page with black

add a transparent layer

change your primary color to white

use the plug in sin curves viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22085&hilit=Sine if you have


the one called equations viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22521&hilit=equations with in this one you will have to set the color inside the plugin.

I seldom use it so not sure how to set the black line curve to white. you may end up just wanding that and bucketfilling with white.

use the jitter plug in by Pyrochild (if you don't have this download his pkg. an excellent well written set of plugins.)

and then motion blur.

merge the layers together

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