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Chrome 101 a community tutorial


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This is not chatter space, this is specifically for the sharing of chrome techniques. I will mandate that your replies accompany a variation of the technique.

we will begin with a simple shape and vary the gradient and luminosity settings. Do not reply without a screenshot of variation.

Act 1







lets roll back to the first gradient pull and add some white to the edges with the same gradient tool. I will be wanting to think in terms of grey to some degree. you need to bear in mind that luminosity really can expose a lot of unwanted gradient variations. Be right back to add to this first page.when I am done I will resize all of these.


reverse the primary and secondary and put the black secondary at 0% opacity





This is the basis, a place to start. Now this is a community developement tutorial for people that evolve such textures. Have respect in posting and dont post mundane ineffectual underdeveloped ideas. It took months for me to develope chrome as I see it and some of my peers have been at it a while as well This tut took 1.5 hours, honor that by only posting cool developements,,, and save the chatter for PM's or other discussion threads like my shiny things tutorial. BTW this marks the first, pointed, texture dev thread for PDN in existence here. Many wouldnt credit me so I have to do it myself. Its not ego its self preservation.

retired from PDN forums. Later dewds

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Chrome is slightly different when using Shape3D, as 'texture' has to be done before rendering of the 3D object.

I generally create a 'grid' of gradients for my 3D chrome.


This pattern works exceptionally well for cylinders.

It is worth noting that if you use Curves before Shape3D, you will simply end up with some blackish thing.


The Specular Highlight can negatively affect the look of the chrome in spheres.

Cubes are the exception to this, for now, you're on your own to making a decent looking chrome cube. :)

The shadow on the darker sides of the cube throw off how Curves would normally function. I haven't found a good 'chrome cube' texture yet.

A radial gradient (same color scheme) may also be more desirable for spheres.


Edit: As I've learned more of chrome and how Shape3D works... my contribution to this tutorial is meaningless. The best way I've found is to leave it light grey with your specular highlight set to anisotropy... Of course, this is all subject to opinion. Chrome is a fun beast to master, mainly because there are countless ways to look at it.

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