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Burnt Edge Effect


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I've done this a few different ways in the past and this is, by far, the easiest and most realistic way I've come up with. Here it is.

NOTE:The Median Blur effect is needed in this Tutorial and that is only available with PdN v3.0 Alpha 3+.

Also, BoltBait's "Feather" Effect is used but not necessary.

1. Start off by opening a new image at 800x600. For now we are going to leave the "Background" Layer as it is.

2. Create two(2) new layers. Name the top one "Tan" and the bottom one "Black".


3. Fill "Black" Layer with...You guessed it, Black.

4. Change your Primary color to a "light tan" (Hex = FFF0C6). Anyone let me know if your favorite animal is "poopies"...hehe.

5. Then, using the Rectangle tool set to "Draw Filled Shape With Outline" draw a rectangle in the center of "Tan" Layer.


6. Using the Eraser tool with a width of 10, randomly erase around the egde of the tan rectangle on "Tan" Layer.


7. Apply a Median Blur effect to "Tan" Layer. These vaules can vary, so play with them depending on your image size.

Radius: 29

Percentage: 40

8. Using the Magic Wand Selection tool with the Tolerence set to 0 select the transparent area on Layer "Tan". It should look something like this.


9. Keeping that same selection switch over to "Black" Layer and hit the "Delete" key on your keyboard.

10. You can now Feather both Layers "Tan" and "Black". As I said before, this step is optional.

You should end up with sometihng like this.


Obviously there are other things you could so to make your "Paper" look more realistic. One option is to either make or find a nice paper'ish texture and add it to a new layer, cut out what ever doesn't fit on the "burned paper" and then set the layer blending mode to either "Multiply" or "Overlay"




Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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