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Old Leather Book texture

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I'd try rendering clouds over a basic brown background to give the overall "mottled" effect, then try the varicose plugin to get the stretch lines.

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I had a play with what I had suggested, and here is the result:


Here is the technique I used:

    1. New canvas of your chosen size.
    2. Set primary color to CEB175
    3. Set secondary color to B59048
    4. Render clouds @ defaults (Layer1)
    5. Layer1: Brightness & Contrast – contrast -70
    6. Create new layer @ again render clouds @ default (Layer2)
    7. Change blend mode of Layer2 to OVERLAY
    8. Create new layer between the two existing ones (Layer3)
    9. On Layer3: Effects>Render>VARICOSE @ Q190, W1, A16, Q4
    10. Repeat steps 7 and 8 to create another layer with lines (Layer4). This time change the RESEED value when rendering varicose so that the lines are different
    11. Rotate Layer4 by 90 degrees (Layers>Rotate/Zoom - angle 90)
    12. Select all (control+A) on Layer4 and use the move tool to stretch the sides out so the lines meet the edges of the canvas.
    13. Merge Layer3 & Layer4 (lets call it Layer5)
    14. Layer5: Effects>stylize>majority Radius 2, color tolerance 127
    15. Layer5: Smart blur Radius 9, strength 0.04
    16. Layer2 (the top most layer): opacity to 125.
    17. Merge middle layer (Layer5) down onto Layer1
    18. Merge remaining layer (Layer2) down onto the lower layer
    19. Save

Note that this texture is not a "grainy" as your book. To achieve darker colors I'd create a new layer & render clouds with darker colors after step 18. With a bit of trial and error, you might achieve something like this:

LeatherTexture2.jpg Secondary color B5691E, render clouds with high roughness, layer opacity to 110 or so.

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I make mine very similar.

on step 9 and 10

I do step 9 then rotate the entire image 90 degrees and do step 10 then rotate image back -90 degrees. merge them two layers and erase out a few of the lines so its not so cross boxy looking.

notch down the transparency at that point

after step 18 I would do one more duplicate layer of that on the top one render>dithers and dial down the transparency then merge and save.

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Oma: Could you post a picture for the benefit of the thread author?

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