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Dang guys, going a little harsh on each other...

Try to analyze the song you hear - keep an open mind. Many songs have to be listened to at least 2 or 3 times before you can give an accurate critique, IMO.

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this thread is bad in my opinion no offense to the original poster. But having people rate songs is ridiculous because they are going to base it of their opinion of music not of the musicianship of the artists.


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the thread is fine except for idiots like Axle. I've rated a 5 and 8 for songs thus far. the highest he's rated in multiple pages is a 5 i believe, but most are along the lines of 1-3. The 1/10 isn't for his song if you read my post. It's for him.

and @ onlychad.. if you go through the first 5 pages i think every poster gives a GOOD reason for their vote, and gives at least a decent vote. You can dislike a style/song and still be tolerant listening to it for what it is.


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Yeah, its a good thread, but people need to critcally analyse a song on how much effort and originality a song used. Not whether the band is "cool" or it's not they're style.

1.5/10 horrible, not in tune, lose theire place and not my type

A. They're in tune

B. They don't lose time, Led Zeppelin lost time more than those guys (Black Dog).

C. It's not my type either, the whingey voice that sounds like 1000000 other bands is not my thing. But critically analyzing this i would give it a 7/10, they're actually quite talented.

C'mon guy's, be smart and judge on how musically creative it is. Example? sure.

Soulja Boi - Crank Dat = 2/10 - This song can be made on FL studio in less 10 minutes, trust me i've done it. Crude lyrics, no thought as to how to properly equalize and use bass and treble through the song, a burden on the music industry.

Led Zeppelin - Gallows Pole = 9/10 - Amazing use of REAL instruments, great song structure and emotion through words. They don't make music like this anymore! :D


. Have fun judging guys!
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maybe because i don't listen to that type so i guess maybe that's how theyre meant to sing and where they really meant to be that high pitched or was there an error on my computer with that vid?? maybe it should do more of an analysis not a vote on how much i like the song then..

@Soap: Rating me 1/10 isn't the right way to go, got it, especially when you are meant to rate the song not the poster..

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oh god, my sister i humming that tune now, 6/10 because it's a happy song and maybe happier than when i read Soap's post, gotta love the Asian dance music.

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i see how she looks, with her hair slung to the side in a punk-like fashion and i think it will be horrible, i learn to not judge a book by it's covers. not too bad, it's fairly quiet ecept for near 2:20 it becomes louder, so i guess because the song fits with the words it's rating is 6.4/10


gotto be the most awesome Australian band ever!!! rate the cartoon to please
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