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Well, it's beginner DnB, what do you expect? :D

Propane Nightmares is a decent tune, too, but it's just some fancy lyrics with a fast beat, no real DnB, so it doesn't count imo ;)

Muse can be awesome and you picked my favourite song, so 10/10!

In return I give you this awesome edit of

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@ths:Hey, I think I've actually heard this song before. :) Well, I think it's pretty great but the lyrics aren't that great, they don't "click" if you know what I mean. :? I like the way the song began. :D 8/10

Angela Aki - Kiss Me Goodbye

One of my favourite songs. :)

fake E: @Frontcannon: Not really what I like, but it was rather catchy. :) A bit more variation in the music would've been nice though. 6½/10.

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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