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Choppyness? That's what Dubstep is about :D

Oh, and what have we here.. a 2nd ParagonX9? ;)

The spherical ambiance of your song is very nice, but nothing groundbreaking, and it get's repetitive over the time.

The only thing that really got on my nerves is the beat.

Not really the beat itself, more it's crappy sound quality (the bass drum sounds scrambled and stuff), it really ruined the experience.. :( (mabye it's just my headphones - don't blame me ;))

So.. I'll give you a 6/10. Improve the beat, and it'll be a 8/10.

*skims through his iTunes*

These 3 guys from Germany compose and record their own music to famous gaming footage and so make awesome music videos. I really wish they would be more famous..

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Alright, alright... let's get back to the game :roll:

As I said before:

At Axle's song, I don't really like many rap songs, but I won't rate it horrible... so 5/10 for neutral.

Listen to 18 minute full version at listen.grooveshark.com for free (just register, it is an awesome site) ;)

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(Eluveitie - Slanias Song) - 2/10 I Hate Rock and I don't like that style so when mixed it was not real nice. y 2/10?? . coz it sound much better in Celtic than i can imagoine it would in English.

(The Prodigy - Diesel Power) - 8/10 i like The Prodigy's Songs and it has rapping which gives it a higher mark :) i . hate the pic so i lose 1 mark :P

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