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... frontcannon, you didn't even review the post before you but instead did a different one and still didnt even put a rating ^.^

So..? I can comment on excellent tuna all I want :greengrin:


Fine, will rate yours.

After I found a video with decent quality (though it's William's version I'm rating, not the one of the great Sinatra), I found the song to be quite entertaining. It certainly fits Bioshock's atmosphere and setting and succesfully contrasts the game's creepy environments. 7.4/10 (+1 for Sinatra).


<- surprisingly, no vulgar content :O

If you don't like HipHop, rate this banging Drumstep bizarromonster: Caspa - The Terminator (LebelgeElectrod Drumstep Remix)

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Well, it's a piano piece written for a Pop song.. can't say much about it. Of course it can't compete with real sheet music, but that was never its intention, so a neutral 5/10.

I would really like to post Dj Krush's Song 2, but copyright laws prevent me from that.

So here's The Wind Up from the great 2562:

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