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Really boring song. The vocals are too monotonous and I am biased against the Killers. :P


I'm probably going to get bashed for this, but:

I HATE YOU. (j.k)

Airplanes, probably a 6/10. Catchy, yet the video lets it down. Just plain boring.

MORE KILLERS! (csm, you can't reply to this one).


I changed my signature. HAPPY??!

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Yeah, I'm not a Killers fan either. I'm about as much of a fan as b00k w0rm is of Green Day. Who are EPIC with a capital... for everything.

8/10. 7 for the song and 1 because that band looks kinda like Disturbed. And cuz the drummer is awesome. \m/


Sometimes I think the world would be much better without so much technology. ~ Sent from my iPhone.

TEAIM - Problem solved!

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It misses a unique feel, but this may come frome me not having listened to any rock in a LONG time. It's a solid song, but not very.. well it somehow misses a catch.

And now for something completely different:

Moondog - All is Loneliness

Soundcloud Link

Instrumental alternative.. folk (??) from 1956.

Somehow strikes a chord with me.

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@ Tarat: Cool song and awesome movie! Spirited Away (by the same man) is also highly recommendable.

I'll rate it a 8/10 cause it reminded me of the movie. I do prefer the original version though.

Beautiful jazzy instrumental guitar music:


Oh no Axle beat me! Guess I'll have to rate your song as well... :P

Seems to fit the picture good, I start thinking about a james bond type cartoon caracter listening to it. Never actually played the game though. Think I'll give it a 6/10, it's catchy and probably works well as a theme song, but don't think I would have listened to it otherwise.

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