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1. The link given must not brake any of the forum rules.

2. Your rating must be in a scale of 1 to 10.

3. You can't post the same song twice on the same page. *

*Unless your song somehow got skipped. In this case you are allowed to post it once again.


@Chrisco, the rule you broke is in red, I don't feel like spamming the thread. :)

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OMfrigginG... that was very... inetersting o_O

Phantom of the Opera meets glam rock meets constapation. The randomness overpowers the sane moments for me, so I have to rate that 6.5/10 because they played with heart

Now, here's a rather acoustic song called Videotape by Radiohead. I was playing it for a few friends yesterday, thought I'd keep spreading it around :D


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^^ Not my type of music but good if your into that kinda stuff :)


Time to drop some crazy dupstep bass.

(i Dont Actually listen to this kind of music but i think it's funny to see what people think.)

(Stick around till at least 1minute into the song till the bass drops :D)


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Gotta love iron maiden. the trooper is no exception. rock on.

Audience of One: Rise Against

this one's my favourite song.


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Not very different from the rest of 'HipHop' on the market, simple bassline, easy-to-remember lyrics... though it's getting more and more electroni-ish lately.

This song here is so weird, I think it's Downbeat.. reduced to the max :D

It's completely instrumental, something you should listen to when you're ... eheheh.

No rock song this time, can't think of one.

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despite the fact that i highly detest rap, and that my only rap band is tech n9ne, it wasnt that bad. 5/10 --consider that an excellent rating on rap for me.


Hahahaa 51 views! I probably contributed about 10 of those :P

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