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need help - photoshop effect

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Hello there.

You can recreate that by adapting the Photoshop tutorial to work with Paint.NET: http://psdtuts.com/tutorials-effects/cr ... on-effect/ .

There will be some things Paint.NET cannot do that Photoshop clearly can. For instance, take Steps 6 and 7: you cannot create paths in Paint.NET to apply the clouds of Step 7 with, therefore an alpha mask (plugin | tutorial) (or other method) of the desired shape will have to be used instead.

You'll have to take each step and think how the result of that step can be produced, rather than trying to convert word-for-word.

One of users by the name of -Expiration- used this tutorial for his signature. If he pops back again, I'm sure he'd be happy to lend a few tips to you.

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