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Eraser Strength

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Hey all,

This is my first post, here on the paint.net forums. I'm a long time paint.net user, and have used it a ton on my City of Heroes (ann mmorpg, yes I'm a nerd) website:

http://dawnofdistortedlight.guildportal ... ID=1104339

I have a quick question. Is there a way to change the 'strength' of the eraser. By strength, I mean, just erasing it slightly...sort of blending it. I'm trying to blur the edge of a layer while, at the same time maintaining the crispness of the layer itself. I just want to fade the edges using a tool (by hand), and not some effect that affects the whole image.

Thank you, in advance...



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Two posts below this one the same question was asked: Eraser Opacity. In the replies, Mike Ryan spake thus:

Change the alpha level of your secondary color.

He means that the opacity of the eraser tool is linked to the transparency of the secondary color. Simply lowering the Transparency-Alpha level in the expanded color window has the effect of lowering the erasers severity.

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