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Tramojo's Fire effect


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Hi! This is a tut for making fire... and yes, I am aware that there are a few fire tut's out there.

But hey... if there's several ways of starting a fire in real life, there should be room for another way of making fire in Paint.NET :wink:

This tut should give you something like this:


Now, this is what you need of 3rd-party plugins:

-Dents (viewtopic.php?f=16&t=26244)

-Average Blur (viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22881)

-Wobble (viewtopic.php?f=16&t=26244)

Now we should be ready to start!

First open a new project :FileNew: and set it to the size you want.

Use the Paint bucket :PaintBucketTool: to paint the backgroud black. Open a new layer :AddNewLayer:

Now apply Clouds :Clouds: at difference. Do this about 4 times. Don't be afraid to do it more or less, this is a very flexible step and the amount of times you repeat it shouldn't effect the outcome.

Use Lasso Select :LassoTool: and choose about half of the layer so that you get a weave like selection. Cut :EditCut: out the top half.


Now use Dents with General: Scale 185, amount 90 and Detail: Detail 100, roughness 70.

Then use Curves :Curves: (RGB) to give color.


Use Average Blur with radius 3.

Then apply Motion Blur :MotionBlur: with an angle of about 90,00 and distance 200.

then use Sharpen :Sharpen: with amount 20. Do this 2 times.

Then use Glow :Glow: at default settings. Do this 2-3 times.

Now use Wobble with amount 0,60 and wobbles 14,00.


Then apply Dents with General: Scale 200, amount 20 and Detail: Detail 100, roughness 70.

duplicate :DuplicateLayer: the layer.

Now, on the top layer, use Gaussian Blur :GaussianBlur: with radius 150.


Then set the Layer Blend Mode :Properties: to Screen (If you prefer another blend mode use that).

Merge :MergeDown: the layers, and your done!


You can also add Soften Portrait :SoftenPortrait: to give a softer look.


That was that! Please comment and show your result. Just say if there's any problems or faults, like if you don't think there's room for more fire effects :wink:

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This looks so real !!! Better than any "Fire" tuts that I've used.

Your instructions and pictures are very easy to follow.

Here's mine...


Gonna hang this on my wall....


Is it me --or do buffalo wings taste like chicken?

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Great tutorial, I agree that it looks much more realistic than other fire tutorials and plugins.


The following plugins in your list are included with Paint.NET:


-Motion Blur



-Gaussian Blur

The only 3rd-party plugin that you didn't link to, Average Blur, can be downloaded here.

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here's what i got after playing around with things a bit more.


Try to make it a little more green and it would look like a couple of trees!

And Tramojo, REALLY cool effect!



I'm still kind of new to paint.net, so i probably

stink at painting from your point of view. If you tell me that I stink, you'll

be 10 seconds away from turning into a pile of meat. MOHAHAHAHA!!!im not crazy

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Cool 8)

theres a easier way right??????

Yes, there is another fire tut out there, but it doesn't give the same effect. Personally I feel the other one looks less realistic, but if you absolutely don't have time and patience then pick that one :wink: And also, as Ouchy_S said, if you are going to use that one, and want something easy, you might as well use the plugin.

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I have another method;

1. Render: Clouds: Scale:250 Roughness:0.


2. Duplicate layer. Blend mode: Negation


3. Add new layer.

4. Repeat steps 1 and 2. Set blend mode to Multiply.


5. Add new layer.

6. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

7. Blend mode: Normal, Opacity:145.


8. Flatten.

9. Curves.Like this:


10. Distort: Dents: Scale:110 Amount:50 Stretch: Amount:10 Angle:90.


11. Add new layer.

12. Make a gradient like this:


13. Set blend mode to Glow.


14. Flatten.

15. Blurs: Motion Blur: Angle: 90 Distance: 10

Now you should have something like this:


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