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transparent copy

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I use paint.net for fashion design. After creating a design I would like to be able to lay it over the top of a photographed piece of fabric to create the effect of the garment with its fabric. I presume I would need to copy transparently, can it be done?


a great programme and I prefer it to expensive cad stuff that my peers use!

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Click to Layers > Import from Image (or Picture? I dont know, what it is in the English version) and choose the photo. Then move the layer down, select it (Ctrl+A) and move it (M) to the right position.

I hope, that I understood you well ;)



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Hi Flo

thanks for your help. I tried to follow but with no success. Maybe I'm stupid!!

I went to 'layers' the option I then had was 'import from file'. I imported the photo of the fabric. But when I tried to overlay my drawing it still wasn't transparent. So I lost the fabric photo behind my drawing. I just want the 'lines' I create of my design to carry over so that the photo appears as if it has filled in my design


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hi garyn!

Are you trying to overlay a pencil sketch onto a fabric sample?

If so, once you've imported your sketch onto a new layer, use the 'Magic Wand', hold Shift and click on the white area (the area you want to delete). You may need to change the tolerance. Then go ahead and hit delete. Move your sketch into the write place by pressing 'm'.

I hope it workd!!!

Zacariem :lol:

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Hi Zacariem

thanks for your reply.

I created a drawing of a jacket using paint.net and using the line/curve tool. I want to import a photo of some fabric and then overlay my sketch so that the area of the sketch is filled with the image underneath, i.e the fabric photo. The result is a good sketch of a jacket with its fabric. More realistic for me than just using the colour fill tool if I can achieve this

thanks for any help


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Your sketch is monochrome, correct?

If you need to remove the white from your imported sketch, the Multiply blend mode works handily! Double-click on the name of the layer and select Multiply from the Mode drop-down:


There are other blending modes that make white transparent, so you may want to experiment with other modes to find the effect that works best for you.

Hope that helps!


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Hi Dan

Are my sketches monochrome? I colour fill them and so most of my old sketches done on paint.net will presumably need the colour removing first right? if I want to make the line drawing transparent?



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Alright, so this shape is your "jacket drawing".


1. Import the fabric texture.

Go to "Layers >> Import From File.." and open your fabric texture.



2. Adjust the order of layers.

By default the new layer will be opened on a new layer on top. Use the "Move Layer Down" button to put it behind your drawing.


3. Delete the inside of the drawing.

Use the "Magic Wand Tool" (Press "S" four times) to select each color, then press the delete key and you should see your fabric come through the image.


If, like me, you have a few pixels that weren't selected by the magic wand tool,


you can either play with the tolerance or zoom in and Lasso Select (Press "S" twice) the pixels and press delete.


4. You're done!

You should end up with something similiar to this:


Hope that helped solve your problem!! :D

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Hi Chris

thanks for the tutorial it was really helpful, I appreciate the time you took to do it. It 'sort of' worked. I imported my fabric photo, moved the layer down, but initially forgot to place the fabric over the drawing!. The problems came when I used the magic wand, on this occasion a drawing without colour. You must use different command when it's just white?

Anyway, when I pressed 'delete' nothing happened but I went to 'layer properties' and switched to 'overlay' and it came through so I thin k I am kinda there!!!

Best regards and thanks once again


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