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3D Glow style text/Space age text

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I don't understand the part at the end where you say gaussian blur the ends of the line. I have the feather plugin if that can do the same job, though I don't know how to use it, lol.

I can't get it to be pointy at the ends like yours. Please help.

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The plugin link has poofed boltbait.sad.png

You know a simple search will help you greatly: http://forums.getpai...ted-2010-04-19/

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I did it :O I couldnt exactly figure out the line though so settled for something a little different :P Anyone having problems with this the video at the bottom of the post is very helpful if you follow it along with the post and pause it as you do it :)


The second thing I did on Paint.net :D

For the reflection you did in the video, was that a plugin?

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This may have been answered already but just in case it wasn't.

PX = pixels. 7px means the distance between pixels. This value determines the extent or size of the blur.

Color Re-placer is actually the re-color tool. In the tool box right side column eighth from the top.

it looks like three little balls set at an angle.

Quotes not working. This is in reply to saywhat's question about px and color replacer (re-color tool)

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