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Help with ligtening a section of a photgraph please!!!!!

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HI to you all, I am new here. I discovered Paint.net last week and I think it is a brilliant programme, very flexible and easy to use. However I have a lot to learn!!!

I have been trying to edit a photograph for my dad. We had the photograph developed, but the tree on the right hand side of the picture is extremely dark. I have tried various ways of lightening. I have lightened the whole picture, but the colours look wrong, I have selected parts of the tree using the Lasso tool, but the outline is always visible and I have also cut the tree out of the picture and edited the section alone, but when I paste it back into the photograph there is a big black line running down section where it has been re-joined.

As you can tell, I am no wizz at these kind of things and I would be so grateful if someone could either edited the picture for me or explain to me how I would do it? We are happy with the way all the other parts of the photo have turned out, it's just this bloody tree at the front that's the problem!!!!!!!!

I have tried attaching the picture, but it says the file size is too big. I don't have the tools on my latop to resize. If someone can help could you mail me at: claireoll@btinternet.com and I will send you the picture??

Hugs to you all


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Since you got it uploaded, please do all of your troubleshooting work here. That way it might benefit others. :-) Thanks!


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