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I couldn't find a topic on books, so this is sort of like the "what you'r listening to" thread, only with books. And also just for discussing books you've read before. At the moment I'm reading Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, very good book, and apparantly the film is good too.

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The first one sounds more interesting, from what I know. I just dislike utopian fiction... Give me a good dystopia any day!

I'm currently reading Fathers and Sons, by Turgenev. He's the only great Russian novelist I've been able to get into so far, other than Solzhenitsyn. Most of the others, such as Dostoevsky or Tolstoy, the translations are sterile, bland and characterless: they try to get word-for-word accuracy, and so it sounds forced. Turgenev and Solzhenitsyn, however, read much better. Next, I reckon I'll read Cancer Ward by Solzhenitsyn.


"I am the anarchist, I am the antichrist, I am the walrus, G'JOO G'GOO G'JOOB!"

I dig a pygmy, by Charles Hawtree and the Deaf Aids. Phase One, in which Doris gets her oats.

~John Lennon

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Currently reading "Making Money" by Terry Pratchett.

I went to a book launch years ago just to see him. I heard recently that he has Alzheimer's. Now that's really sad :cry:

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I couldn't find a topic on books...
I could ;).

We'll see how this one plays out.

Hah, yeh I saw that just this morning and thought "Awww, cummon, that wasn't there beofre!" :P Ach well, this one might be a bitty different, here's hoping.

And Yeh, it is REALLY sad that a mind as great as Terry Pratchet's is going to end up ravaged by Alzheimers, and my grandparents had Alzheimers so I know what it'll be like. Though he said he still wants to release a few more books yet, which I admire, he is a very dedicated author.

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Can't say I've ever metan author. I have a few signed books though, one's a Phillip Pullman one which I was quite lucky to get. But I can't say I've heard of that book, who's the author?

Wow Phillip Pullman, he's my second favourite author. The Amber Spyglass was an amazing book. The author is Robert Muchamore, we actually had an intelligent conversation. :D:D

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Nice! I'll look him up actually, always interested in getting to know new author's works. Sadly a lot of the books I have been reading recently are old sci-fi, George Orwell (dead), Aldous Huxley (dead), Phillip K. Dick (dead), H.G. Wells (dead for a very long time), so I won't be meeting them anytime soon, hopefully.

And yeah, I really like Phillip Pullamn's Dark Materials, I'll need to get some more of his stuf someday. The book I got signed though was a sort of mini-book spin-off of the Dark Materials calledyra's Oxford and it was the last signed book in the shop. Should have been at the signing though, they didn't advertise well.

Anyway, I'm just onto "We" by Yevgeny Zamyatin now. First Russian author I've read.

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