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Hello, looking for ideas

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I just down loaded paint a few hours ago and i played around with it a little. Im trying to make a nice welcome banner for a forum i administer. The forum is a salt water aquarium forum so the design has to be reef/saltwater related.

I did this pretty quickly but ive looked around on this site and have seen some of the great work people have done here.


Anyone want to give me some ideas and/or point me to some threads on here so i can make something a little more catchy? Im not really looking for anything with a lot of bling, just something original and classy

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There's actually a thread designed specifically for this! :-) It's called the "Image Hospital," and you'll find it in the Pictorium forum.

I'll go ahead and lock this thread. Take it over there, and we'll see how we can help! :-) Thanks!


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