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Is there any way to write text in a curve?

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It says I need rect polar but I can't find it on your tool page.
The Rect. to Polar plugin has since been combined with the Polar to Rect. plugin to make the Polar Transformations Plugin by MadJik. Two tools into one: win-win :).
Not for me i hate the paint.net search i never find anything with it -.-
Paint.NET's custom search utility has yet to catalogue the new Tutorial section, so you'll have little luck there, and I believe it's the same with the Forum's built in search utility (?). Saying that, the Forum's search does give the ability to refine the retuned results according to certain criteria - author, particular sub-forum, etc. - which can help in finding what you want efficiently.
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I tried to put the plug-ins on. They are in the 'Effects' folder, but for some reason when I "unblock" them, they won't stay unblocked, and they don't appear in the 'effects' menu.

I am using Vista; any idea how to unblock these tool files, so they stay unblocked?

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I did install the pluggins, and eventually "unblocked" them, but now I get this message.

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File: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\EdHarvey.Effects.dll

Name: EdHarvey.Edfects.Effects.PosterizeEffect

Version: 3.30.3026.26146

Author: Ed Harvey

Copyright: Copyright © 2006-2008, Ed Harvey

Website: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=21750

Full error message: PaintDotNet.BlockedPluginException: This plugin is now built-in to Paint.NET.

So they're already on Paint.net; well now anyway, but I can't find them.

Do I have to re-download PDN?

Or perhaps I just don't know where they are.

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Illustrator all the way. :D:P

Somebody should make a tutorial on curved text. These curved (well circle) text questions are popping up quite a lot now. If a tut was made then you could simply link to the tut, and problem solved.. :mrgreen:

Merry Christmas


.::.My Gallery.::.Make Gold Text!.::.

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