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Suggestion: Allow arbitrary/configurable limits for recently opened images & lists

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As the title says.

The usefulness of these QoL features would be immeasurable. 


I tend to work on dozens of different images daily using PDN, and the only way to maintain my sanity is keeping the program running at all times with all my current and future work open.

God forbid the power goes out or the program crashes, then I have to rely on finding all the images I was previously working on by memory.

Another failsafe I use is keeping a text file with working image filepaths saved manually via individually using the 'copy path' feature.


The biggest problem is that the current tiny jumplist contains only 10 items, and those are only ones that have been opened. It's almost completely useless.

If you are a graphics designer or even an amateur with a typical workflow you might have the same images in multiple locations, so opening one, for example, from two different locations will populate the list twice.


TL;DR, asking for these features:

- Please allow arbitrary limits for the 'Open Recent' jumplist.

- Please allow saving and loading work sessions in the form of allowing the user to save and load a simple text file containing the filepaths of all currently opened images. This is for safety and restore purposes.


Potential extra:

- Allow the creation of lists that act as 'favorites', which, again, need not be anything more than text files with filepaths. Example: I open Image 1 and mark it, sending its filepath to List A, and can open it again later whenever I wish.



PDN is invaluable and I hope you consider adding these features, they are sorely, really badly needed.


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