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why doesn't paint.net provide any older versions?

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even on the github page with offline downloads, there aren't any older releases. this is honestly just... pointless? it doesn't take any effort to leave older versions on a github page. i have older machines which run legacy operating systems (xp and 7) which can't run the latest version. so why do i have to scour the internet just to find an older version? i don't have a problem with adopting new frameworks and dropping support for older versions. i just want to use an older version. every other piece of software which puts their releases on github leaves the older releases up. so why doesn't paint.net?

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It is not pointless.


There aren't enough resources (namely time) to handle any kind of support for older versions. Providing downloads for older versions means people will expect some kind of support there. I already get enough e-mails with bugs and crash logs from old versions for things that have already been fixed, oftentimes for months, and regularly for years or even a decade. It's just a waste of everyone's time (not just mine).


And if there's a bug in a new update, some people are ultraquick to revert back to the previous version and disable the updater. This strands people on old versions with old bugs (and then people ask me to add features that have already been added). The right solution there is to get me information about the bug so that I can fix it ASAP for everyone. The correct path is forward, not backward. It's can be very difficult to get things properly sorted out if everyone just jumps back to the old version at the first sight of trouble. And that is bad for the whole Paint.NET ecosystem.


If you have older machines running XP or 7, I hope you don't have them connected to the Internet. They are not getting security updates anymore. I cannot in good conscience support legacy systems like that.


Simply put, legacy support is not a service that I provide. At all. You need to update your OS.


Also, please don't take all this as me snapping at you, you're just asking a question in good faith.

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