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highlighting excisting text on a document, using paint.

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I have downloaded several pages of church registers to do research for my family tree. Those pages contain names of born babies and the names of the father and mother and the date of birth. But children from the same parents are not listed together in one block but according to the birth year. 


I now want to highlight the children of the same parents with one color and children of another family with another color. So how to do that?  Using the brush in paint covers the text, so that is not the solution. It should be done like in Word programms where u select a color and glide the mouse over the text. 


Another problem that i have with PAINT is when i use a tool. like the eraser or the pencil, that i do not know how to stop it from appearing in the screen. Double click f.e. does not help.Is there no tutorial or eventually a new and better version of PAINT??


Thanks in advance for ur reply


André Ignoul

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@Ignoul André Welcome to the forum.


11 minutes ago, Ignoul André said:

Using the brush in paint covers the text, so that is not the solution.

Create a new layer above the text, set the blend mode to Multiply, and use the brush on this layer. (other blend modes may suit better).


Press F1 when paint.net is open and it will take you to documentation.

Note: This forum is for 'paint.Net' not for Microsoft's 'paint'.


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