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Resize algorith has been modified ? (And a request)

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Hi !

I use Paint.net a lot and noticed the following:

when i resize small images, they tend to loose crispness a lot more than before. I had to resize some pictures from ~200*150 to ~160*120 and i compared them to some images that had the same treatment a year ago.

The recent ones appear to be much more blurry.

Of course I tried all possible algorithms (bilinear, bicubic etc)

So has this function been modified recently ?

And I have a small request : when you zoom a lot to a portion of your image, you cannot have it centered if yuo work on the sides of the picture.

You can't pan so that any bit can be at the center. Or can you ?

Edit: i just see it is in the "frequently requested function list" under the line: Scrolling past the edge of the canvas when zoomed in.

So i guessed it will be addressed some day.

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