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Question: Word Balloon Brushes

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Hello. I just downloaded paint.net, and I think it is an amazing program! (I'm running a 64-bit version of Vista, and it's working great!)

I waded through all the threads and comments in the "Plugins" forum, but haven't been able to find what I'm looking for:

(1) Word balloon brushes

(2) How to run plugins (when I click on "plugins" in paint.net it re-directs to the forum, and I haven't found any tutorial/explanation regarding running plugins)

I've searched the forum in an effort to answer these questions myself, but was overwhelmed by all sub-forums, threads, and comments. If there are threads that already answer these questions, please direct me to them!


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Not sure what you mean in number 1 but for number 2 you don`t run plug-ins by clicking on plug-ins in the Help menu- this just takes you to the plug-in section of the forum where you can download new ones. You `run' the plug-ins by going to the Effects menu , choose what you want to do do and take it from there.

In the new Tutorial+ forum go to the Newbie Playground for some good help and advice on using the program and you can also find helpful stuff on You Tube.


http://www.youtube.com/results?search_q ... arch_type=

Hope this helps. Enjoy the program!



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Thanks! I did eventually get the "Custom Brushes" plugin to show up in the "effects" function. I've used hundreds of different programs, and each requires a different method for running plugins.

By "word balloon" I mean a balloon like one you would see in a comic book indicating a person is thinking or speaking. (Paint Shop Pro has a few that were standard.)

I read somewhere on the internets that there may be some that could be used with the "Custom Brushes" plugin available for paint.net. However, when I browsed the thread for the "Custom Brushes" plugin, I didn't see any "word bubble/balloon" brushes.


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It's pretty simple to do this. All you need is:

1. Custom Brush plugin

Omit this if you already have it installed.

2. A speach bubble in .png format. An example could be found on google images. A basic one could be: speach_bubble.png

Just download this and put it in your paint.net user files folder in custom brushes folder.(C:\Users\*Your username*\Documents\Paint.NET User Files\Custom Brushes)

3. Open up your plugin (Custom Brushes) in PDN (A restart of PDN will be required) and click on your speach bubble and away you go!

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If you have MS Word installed you can cut & paste their word balloons into Paint.Net. You'll find these under Word's Autoshapes where they are called Callouts.

Simply create one in a blank word document then cut & paste into a new layer in PDN.

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Thanks for the ideas! (And though this might be frowned upon, it would be nice if there were at least one standard balloon/bubble shape for words and thoughts that could be manipulated just like the circle and square tools. I suppose if more people needed them though, paint.net would already have them.)


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you can just draw it yourself, pretty simple.

It? We're talking hundreds... not one.


Well... Easy step to solve this.

Just click on the symbols tab in custom brushes and select some speach bubbles there. Yes they are black, but you can create a black one and recolour e.t.c. Just play arround with it until you find what you want.

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