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[Request] Custom Album Art needed (pics included)

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I am needing a cover that says February 2004, and I have a cover for February 2005 and October 2004. I am wanting to make the 05 in February 2005 to say 04. I tried simply copy and pasting but I then could not figure out how to make the colors match up. Also, it would be great if you could do this with the copywright at the bottom to read 04 as well for the Feb cover. Please not these images are strickly for personal use and I am mainly just wanting this done so I will have some art for my Feb. 2005 folder of mp3s

Here are the pics



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Hello deadman36g.

...if you are looking for some help there are some brilliant tutorials at your disposal and you can also post in The Image Hospital for suggestions on any current attempts.
Simon is quite right in that we cannot do your work for you.

Perusing the Rules, you would realise that you are breaking Rule #23, whereby we do not accept solicitation. That might sound an extreme term to use, but you're asking for someone to do the work for you. We are here to help others, sort out problems with program bugs and other issues, but we are not here to do the bidding of users. We are not slaves. You should not be lazy.

However, we all have our lazy moments, and perhaps creativity is not your strongest asset, which is where the quote of Simon comes into play. We have dedicated sections of this Forum where we can aid in the creative process once you have started yourself off.

I am going to have to lock your topic, for one because of the above rule violation, for another because I hope to see you in the Pictorium very soon, where this sort of work belongs ;).

If I have misunderstood you, don't hesitate to contact any moderator to have this locking reversed.

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