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I can’t download Paint.NET without complications

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I’ve just had to have my 6 month old computer formatted :cry: (Windows XP Home) due to a deeply embedded virus :evil: that snuck past my defences, so I’m now going through the process of reinstalling umpteen useful programs – including this one, of course.

However when I tried to do so (from http://www.download) the message came up that……. “Paint.NET requires that the .NET framework is installed. Go to Microsoft’s webpage where you can download and install this.”

Fair enough – so I followed the link.

I found the right program, clicked on the button and after waiting while the program tried to download, another error message came up……”This computer does not meet the requirements to install this software. Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1”

:?: Please could someone tell me why my computer has become ‘out of date’ or whatever?

:?: Is it safe to load Installer 3.1 on my existing system?

:?: Why do I need all these installations when the last time I installed Paint.NET, it downloaded simply and easily without me being told to install any other programs?

PS – In the interim, because I urgently needed a photo editing tool, I downloaded and installed PhotoFiltre….it took a minute or two and needed no extras.

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Paint.Net currently requires .NET Framework 2 and to install that windows installer 3.1 (which is safe by the way) is needed. You didn't need to do anything last time because somebody who has access to your computer may have have gone to 'Windows Update' and installed all the 'Custom' updates.

Rick Brewster (the guy who made Paint.net) knows about the problem that you're having and has fixed it. The fix will probably be included in the next update (Paint.NET v3.5) and should come out 'soon'.

If you can't wait;

Download this: Windows Installer 3.1

Then this: NET Framework 3.5 SP1

And install them in that order.

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