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New from Dasung 25" paperlike color E-ink computer monitor

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I don't know if this belongs on this forum (in which case you can delete it). But just FYI the below came to my inbox, though it didn't say how much it costs. Anyway, I thought maybe graphic artists would find it of interest.


On July 31, 2023, China DASUNG Tech, the inventor and leader of E-ink Monitor, made a groundbreaking debut on Indiegogo with their revolutionary product—Paperlike Color, the world's first 25.3-inch color E-ink computer monitor. DASUNG Paperlike Color signifies a momentous leap in E-ink technology, ushering in a new era of captivating color E-ink displays. From this day forth, global consumers will have the unparalleled opportunity to revel in vibrant, colorful visuals akin to traditional LCD screens, yet reminiscent of enchanting color printing paper, as if by magic.

etc. etc. etc.

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