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Simple *Round* Glass Buttons


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uhm.. i have a little problem..

i done it like cjmcguinness in his tut explained..

1st i made a new image (800 x 600)

2nd i made the elipse (400 x 400 pixels)

3rd i clicked on 'Image' then 'Crop to Selection' and here starts my problem ~> pic


4th changed secondary color to transparent

5th clicked on 'Image' again and then 'Canvas Size' selected 'by percentage' and changed the 100% to 125%

(ya ya.. i clicked on 'Middle' too :P)

ok.. and here goes my problem:



can someone plz tell me what im doing wrong?

(sorry if those pics are too big)

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Nah nah nah he's done all that.

All it is, is after you change the secondary colour to Transparent, you have to leave it on secondary, or swap the colours around. See how Green is the main colour atm? Click the double arrows to put Transparent as primary or click the drop down menu that says Primary.

(Both options are in the colours palette)

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I know what happen.

Look at your :History: History window, after you did anything, there is a :MagicWandTool: Magic Wand item that appears.

So I think you clicked twice on the OK button, of the Canvas Size box, or you clicked by inadvertency on the canvas.

There is also another problem, is that in fact you didn't set the secondary color as transparent, you selected the color in the bottom left color of the color palette, which is only half-transparent ;)

[subliminal message @Rick: having the transparent color on the default palette will be really fine, i'm missing it often to do simple tasks like this]

So when you clicked on the full white circle, it selected the half-white area too!

I reproduced this easily.

Hope it helps!

No. Way. I've just seen Bob. And... *poof!*—just like that—he disappears into the mist again. ~Helio

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