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Simple *Round* Glass Buttons


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Ok, I tried your tutorial, and I had a few problems.

When you said to make the circle exactly 400 Pixels, for my screen, it was the size of my fingernail or less.

Also, Caliph,

Were you basing the circle size from the dimensions displayed in the info bar at the bottom of the screen?




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Heey CJ,

great TuT. (newb friendly)

i got some result from it that i like thnx man

Oooooh. I need to create some "Quotes" like you have X19. How did you do that?

use numbers like 890 and things like -= also try holding for different effects

PS. the 3 text bubbles was _ hope this helps

-Death Will Come To All Of Us-


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Cool, pictures.

Ok, guys (and girls) I NEED HELP!!!

Whenever I try to download the Plug-in, I go to My compouter, (C:), Program Files, Paint.net, Effects. Then I click save and it doesn't work! Help me if I'm doing something wrong! (The way I found out how to do this was w/the feather thing)


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