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Glossy Avatar/Button


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Someone requested this tut and I figured it wouldn't take long, and it didn't, so here it is.


Plugins: Align Object, Color Filter (optional) - Added by EER

Glossy Avatar/Button

1- On a blank canvas make your base shape, I used a rounded rectangle, and use the Align Object effect to center it one the page. (You dont really have to center it if you dont want to)


2- Make the same shape but a little smaller in white on a new layer and cut it leaving only the top half, then select the gradient tool pdn35icons.GradientToolIcon.png and switch it too linear :LinearGradient: transparency mode :AlphaChannel: . Now right click near the bottom of the shape and drag it towards the top like in the picture, you can repeat this action a couple times until your happy with the result.



3- Make an inner outline of the first shape on a new layer.


4- With the lasso select tool :LassoTool: select half of the outline.


5- Now select the gradient tool again but instead of the linear gradient use the radial gradient pdn35icons.RadialGradientIcon.png , left click on the top left edge and drag towards another edge until you get the desired effect.


6- Make a new layer above your base shape layer and add your logo/text/whatever.


This next couple of step shows you how to add some color to a white shape so if your logo is already the color you want then you can skip them.

7- If your logo is white then you can easily add color by using the color filter effect plugin. Then if you want you can duplicate that layer and make it a darker color and use the gradient tool (radial, transparency mode) to remove some of that layer then flatten the two layers, this will give your logo a nice effect.



8- Duplicate your logo layer again and use gaussian blur :GaussianBlur: on a low setting then drop down the opacity on that layer.


This pic shows the layers and the opacity settings for each one.

And here's your result:


You can add drop shadows, reflections, maybe a little glow effect, just experiment and have fun!

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I cant even get past step 2. Using right click is no different from using left click in transparency mode. The gradient doesnt change the the square's color in anyway. and if i try it in color mode the whole canvas turns white.

Edit: I just found a lot of other stuff that you left out. any guy whos been using pdn for a while like me would have realized that your supposed to do the things that you left out, but what about the newbies who don't know. It's a really great avatar but not so great tut. :wink:

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Yes it is simple, the only reason I made it was because someone requested it and it was an quick and easy tut to make.

@thejester24: It does make a difference, when you right click and drag it will make that point the transparent point and fade to solid and when you left click it does the opposite. I didn't think I left anything out but if you have found something then please let me know and I'll add it if I think it needs it ;)

And thanks to all the people who liked my tutorial :mrgreen: I promise I'll get that other tut started soon just keep buggin me until I do it haha

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I don't understand how to make this any tut any easier to understand, in all the steps I show which layer is selected and I thought I described it enough for most to understand. I'm just gonna make video tuts from now on... well as soon as I get my new computer that is :lol:

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Great tutorial! Very clear and the images helped a lot, too. :D

I got tired of the boring windows user button (everyone chooses the chessboard, dont they?). So, I used this tutorial to make my own user button:

userlogo-rob.jpg 8)

Thanks for this!

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:shock: That really does look awesome.

Unfortunately I am a complete noob (only stumbled upon Paint.Net recently). And I am afraid to say I can't even get to step 2 either :(.

Dunno if this is the place to ask questions like this, but I really want to try this out. My problem is this:

After having created a 2nd layer with a copy of the top half (only a bit smaller), and after having applied the transparency to this new layer... how do I go about "adding" this transparency to the 1st layer (the original black rectangle?). All I get is 2 layers. When viewing both layers all I see is the 1st one (the original black rectangle). The transparency from the 2nd one isn't applied at all.

Sorry about being such a moron - I'm sure it's something simple. Hope you don't mind enlightening me?

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pretty much the same problem i had. The fading white gradient doesn't appear at the top of the half square. All i did was just use a gradient in color mode. i used white as my primary and transparent as my secondary and tried that when the half square was selected using the magic wand.

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I added a new pic in the second step so hopefully that will help.

Aaaah - the new top half shape is supposed to be white before applying the transparency. Duh - of course. Told you it was something simple :oops:.

Thanks for the help.

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No reason for being harsh. Jake bothered writing this tutorial, which most people wouldn't have.

Anyway - after playing around a bit I came up with this:


Maybe the use of the inverted sheep wasn't such a good idea for "logo", but it's been my avatar for ages, so I just had to try it.

Thanks for the tutorial Jake - and may I say I love your other work as well :D.

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I'm also new to this (this tut being my first attempt at using Paint.NET), although, I found my attempt fairly successful. =3 This is the result I got:


Although, I had difficulty getting my logo to look right. =\ I don't know how to extract a logo (like the halflife logo jake used) and make it so that the logo is the only thing that is pasted onto the layer. >_> I used paint at first to try and get the logo, but I couldn't get the background 'behind' the logo to be transparent.. I had to make my own. Also, how do I use the align image effect? I can't find it. Nor can I find the color filler plugin.. I had to use the paintbucket.

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