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Add something that allows to draw an angled line

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The options for the (sp)line tool are great, but unfortunately, it's currently super annoying to draw a simple line with 1 bend, because all line options have 2 intermediate points.


I can think of two different ways to achieve this:


  1. Add an option to select the number of intermediate points on a line, maybe from 0 to 8 or something.
    I guess this should be pretty straight-forward to implement since the spline code is already doing point-to-point and shouldn't really care if it's 2nd to 3rd point or 6th to 7th.
    The dropdown for the number of in-between-points could become disabled once the first grab-point was moved.
  2. Allow the "Shift" modifier to have an effect while pulling intermediate points, such that the dragged point snaps to imaginary rays radiating from the neighboring points.


Here's an example of number 2: pulling the handle in the red circle and holding shift will make the handle snap to the closest dashed line in red.


Alternative: holding Shift snaps to the rays of one point, holding Ctrl snaps to the rays of the other point. Holding both snaps to both.

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8 minutes ago, LWChris said:

Add an option to select the number of intermediate points on a line


I've been thinking of adding this soon, possibly (hopefully!) in 5.0.9.

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I think this was the exact same feature that I suggested about a month ago, actually.

(no, this isn’t self-promotion. If it was, I would tell you to do a million things for me)


I’m excited to see where V5 goes…


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