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Is there anyway to hide stuff like the stuff at the top and tools for streaming?

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3 hours ago, Fundimension1 said:

I want to stream me basically editing photos on discord for my friends but I just want them to see the canvas and not anything else.

I think that’s something to figure out in Discord itself, but I’ll tell you anyway.


Make sure you have the Paint.NET window the only thing that’s being captured by Discord’s screen recorder, and the child windows won’t display on their end, but they will still be visible on your screen.


Now, I know this because I often would stream myself drawing something on Paint.NET through a Discord server, and at first, I noticed that the child windows weren’t displaying, as I was capturing the main window itself, rather than capturing my entire screen. As I also wanted to teach my viewers how I do things in the software.


Try setting it to capture the Paint.NET window itself, rather than your entire screen like I do.


Like I said before, this appears to be a Discord thing, rather than PDN itself.


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