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Sozo's 3-D Water-y Fabric Effect


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Alrighty, by popular demand (aka: a request by Ash), I give you the Unnamed 3D Water Effect! Congratulations to myself for making my first tutorial .

Now I give you a snapshot of the results to lure you in:


Intersted? Here's how you start:

1.Open a new document in Paint.NET (remember, these are the basics).

2.Render some clouds. Max scale and default roughness. (NOTE: If you like to experiment, this is a prime area to try in. Change up the scale, make it smaller and see how it comes out.)


3.Duplicate the cloud layer.

4.On the top layer, render a median blur. Radius 17, percentile 50.


5.On the top layer again, Outline. Thickness 5, Intensity 75.


Yes, it looks all white, it's OK.

6.Now, go to Adjustments>Auto Level. Click. Looking a little better?

7.We're still on the top layer. Gaussian Blur it at a radius of about 3. (NOTE: another good experimentation spot.)


8.NOTE: Optional step! Now go back to the Adjustments menu and select Brightness/Contrast. Use these settings: Brightness= 20; Contrast= -20. This just brightens it up some and makes it more watery looking. For results more like the picture at the top, ignore this step.


9.Now, we finally go back to layer two. Return the the Adjustments menu, select curves, in the scroll down menu at the top, select RGB. Make it look like my example here:


10.Select the top layer again. Press F4, and set the layer blending mode to Overlay.


Congrats! You should have a cool-looking-yet-unnamed-3D-water effect!


Keep in mind, you can mess around with the steps to get different results. Experimentation is your friend! And without step eight, the result will look sharper, as seen at the top.

Note: I'll try to upload real screenshots soon. Also, if you've got a better name, let me know.

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nice tut i like just 3D water, or 3d agua or even 3d h2o


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Madjik … That’s probably what the inside of our stomachs look like on Saturday morning!



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Good work, Commander. It has the look of a topographical map. :)

v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


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I've been experimenting a bit, if you the median the image, copy the layer then use out line, auto adjust, the set to multiply it gives a pretty good effect, at least for me it did. if it is a colour image turn the top layer, the one with contours into a black and white image.

You can get rid of some of the unwanted contour lines by using pencil sketch.


Original - thesandcavemm8.jpg

After - thesandcave2ac4.jpg

EDIT - Soften Portrait on the contour layer and adjust the softness can also get rid of some unwanted contour lines.

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Wow! This is good! I'm not sure what your first one looks like, it's not like the results in that the first picture looks more like a really complex, blue rock structure (or if you change the hue and saturation, a really gnarled piece of root ginger!). Great job! :mtdew: :mtdew: :mtdew::mtdew::mtdew:


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