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Making Polished Spacescapes v2 [Image heavy]

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


Okay, here is another way to make Spacescapes like this:


Plugins you will need:


Diagonal Lines

(Dents is part of PDN)

Align Object or find a newer version in this pack KrisVDM's Plugin Pack

Zoom Blur Deluxe

- - - - - -

1. Your Background

Okay, Start with a new layer [your own Wallpaper size] and add Noise with these settings:

Intensity: 100

Color Sat.: 0 [or 20]

Coverage: 3.5



Make another Layer :LayersAddNewLayer: and add Noise with same Settings. Use Gaussian Blur :BlurEffect: Radius: 1 or 2.

Set the Opacity to 120 and Blendmode to Glow



Duplicate you first Layer :WindowLayers: and apply Frosted Glass plugin :FrostedGlassEffect: : Maximum/Minimum Scatter Radius: 0.11

Smoothness: 1



Erase a curve :EraserTool: on your "Frosted" Image [thx Lego, but I'm too lazy to fix he image yet -_-]:


Merge your Layers down :LayersMergeLayerDown:


2. Your Planets [Quiet similar to Withers]

If you don't want to modulate the Shape 3D Setting yourself, Load this XML in:



Add new Layer :LayersAddNewLayer: Take a color by your choice and fill the new Layer :EditFillSelection:.


Apply Shape 3D:

Take a scaling as you like it



Make some Clouds :CloudsEffect: on a new layer :LayersAddNewLayer: [default settings]


Mode: Glow, Overlay, Multiply [choose an alternative]

Apply Shape3D again with same settings.



Add a new layer :LayersAddNewLayer: add Noise :AddNoiseEffect: add Gaussian Blur Radius: 2-3 [depend on your Planet Size] :BlurEffect:

Switch to a "Planet layer" select all space out of your Planet :MagicWandTool:.

Switch back to your "Blurred Noise Layer" press DEL to delete.

Blendingmode: Overlay

Opacity: 255



Add a new Layer between your last Planet layer and Background again :LayersAddNewLayer:

Switch to a "Planet layer" select all space out of your Planet :MagicWandTool: and press CTRL+I to invert selection :EditInvertSelection:.

Fill selection with White [or another light color] :EditFillSelection:.

Add Gaussian blur, radius: around 15 :BlurEffect:.



Now move your white blurred circle 1px left and 1px down [or where the lightning of planet is] :MoveTool:.


Blendingmode: Normal

Opacity: 180



3. The new cosmical Clouds

So, add a new layer as always :LayersAddNewLayer:

Set primary color Black, secondary color Transparent 100%

Do clouds with settings:

Scale: 380 - 650

Roughness: 0.50 - 0.80



Do it three times, set Blendings:

First Cloud Layer:

Mode: Color dodge

Opacity: 255

Second Cloud Layer:

Mode: Multiply

Opacity: 159

Third Cloud Layer.

Mode: Multiply

Opacity: 255



Well then? - Yes! :AddNewLayer: :LayersAddNewLayer::roll:

So now Press B for Paintbrush :PaintBrushTool:.

Take a large size: 60++

Color anywhere.

Pick a Second Color, lower your Size



Use Gaussian Blur radius: ~35 :BlurEffect:

Take another color, lower your size, add :BlurEffect: radius: ~30.

Take another color, lower your size [or don't do it], add :BlurEffect: radius: ~25, again.

Do this a couple of times, till you got this:


A last Blur :BlurEffect: around 135.


Switch Blendmode to Lighten, Opacity to 80

Do this "Clouds" again and again, till you like it.

Set all layer Blendmodes to Lighten and Opacity to 80



Than add a new layer :LayersAddNewLayer:

Make Diagonal Lines:

Scanline Interval: 25

Brush Width: 2

Anti-Alias: 5

Angle: 45



Use Dents plugin.


Scale: 55

Amount: 50

Quality: 5


Detail: 70-100

Roughness: 50

Turbulence: 10-20

#Rest as Default


Blendmode: Overlay

Opacity: 90


To light up your Clouds, paint :PaintBrushTool: them and use Gaussian Blur radius: 135 :BlurEffect:


Blendmode: Overlay

Opacity: 255


Okay now there is a problem and it's very ugly!


to clear it we need to edit our Starscape again:

Duplicate the Starscape layer and set Blendmode to overlay:



But now there are only a few stars...

so we will add some new:

Add new layer :LayersAddNewLayer:

Add Noise :AddNoiseEffect::

Intensity: 100

Saturation: 0-10

Coverage: 100

Add Frosted Glass :FrostedGlassEffect:

Maximum/Minimum Scatter Radius: 200

Smoothness: 1

Blendmode: Normal

Opacity: 30



Yeah, that's a cosmos, isn't it?


4. The second Planet

Read above [second chapter] to see the specific way, here is just a conspectus



Take your Second planet behind the first and move it away.

Do a transparent Gradient :LinearGradient: :LinearClampedGradient: :AlphaChannelOnly: :GradientAlphaOnlyTrue: on your First Planets atmosphere, to get a better look.



5. The huge Fireball.

Okay now we will add our Sun.

Make a new layer on top :LayersAddNewLayer:.

Make a Paintbrush Dot in the Middle [use Align Object] Radius: 15-25 :PaintBrushTool:



Use Frosted Glass Plugin :FrostedGlassEffect:

Maximum Scatter Radius: ~7.78

Minimum Scatter Radius: 0.00

Smoothness: 2



Use Zoom Blur Deluxe, set amount to highest and quality to high

Duplicate layer CTRL + F

Duplicate layer CTRL + F, again

Merge the two lower Sun-Layers down



Move your two layers to an edge of your planet :MoveTool:

Deactivate the top layer

Make an Transparent Conical Gradient :ConicalGradient::AlphaChannelOnly: :GradientAlphaOnlyTrue: on your lower layer.

Blendmode: Screen

Opacity: 255



Switch to upper layer and make another Transparent Linear Gradient :LinearClampedGradient: :AlphaChannelOnly: :GradientAlphaOnlyTrue:

Blendmode: Additive

Opacity: 255



Add a new layer behind your planets :LayersAddNewLayer:

Draw an white filled Eclipse with Paintbrush tool :PaintBrushTool:



Do Gaussian Blur Radius: 15-25 :BlurEffect:

Blendmode: Normal

Opacity: 90



5. Finally you are done.

That's it.

here is your Result:


It looks pretty well, I think

I memorized all Icons, now :lol:

Feel free to post your try.

Feel free to correct my English .

Feel free to post suggestions [like how to get a Sun behind the planets].

Started to make this Tutorial: 9:00 PM; finished: 12:31 PM

Thanks MediaMonkey for playing music all the time.

Have Phun.


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Pretty cool, do you know if there is a way to make the clouds seamless? Because I'd like to use a variation of this for the sky in my game, but the images don't match up very well.

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Im using this tut for my science project. Im going to generate Uranus and Pluto with it. I dunno how im gonna generate Saturn though... :|

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Talk about long load for pictures.

I just clicked stop.


Oh well.

I saw what it looked like after everything... pretty nice!


Possibly the longest tutorial I've ever seen!


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Never mind, I figured it out.

Render black and white clouds in a seamless image program

Load image into paint shop pro, and use it as the alpha mask for a black image

Load back into Paint.NET

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Suggestion: Crop your screenshots down to an area of interest. That makes for a faster load. :-)

Is there any choise to crop images in BB Code?

I only know the {IMG} URL {/IMG}...

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Now, why didn't I think of that?

Next time i will do it.

But is there any choise to resize it with BB code?

Is HTML allowed? Thank i'll shrink them with HTML code.

Does your image host support resizing on their site?

If not use photobucket next time. they do.

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My second and my longest tutorial ever.

But I don't know, if it's the longest Tutorial in this Forum :?

Nay. 2nd longest. The longest, I recall, was ~60 steps.

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or just upload them to and just use the thumbnails or before you upload there's an option to resize...

Picture below.

(this is a thumbnail)

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So, I thumbnailed all 31 Images. *is dead now X_X*

If there's any bug please tell me.

Well, now the only thumbnail that works is SNAG-0011.png, all other thumbnails are broken :? . When you clic on them you get the "this image or video has been moved or deleted" picture. Could you fix this please?

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Looking at this I am almost, almost inspired enough to make a tutorial for my signature. But not quite...

Good job!

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Really good tutorial. Here's mine. I added a tweak to the stars and repositioned the "fireball".

Interesting treatment with the clouds, you must have been on caffine or meds when you figured that one out. :mrgreen:


Thanks for your tut.

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