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Sharpen with Blur & Reflect

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Did a search and did not find anything like this. I found a PS tutorial for sharpening an image using the blur effect. Although some features are not present in PDN, I was able to translate it for use in most scenarios. The greater the blur the sharper the image. The brightness reduction ensures hot colors wont bleed thru the blend mode over a photo.


  1. Open image
  2. Duplicate layer (make sure the new layer is now selected/active)
  3. Adjustments > Invert Colors
  4. Adjustments > Brightness > Brightness -4
  5. Effects > Blurs > Gaussian > +2  or  +3
  6. Layer Blend Mode > Reflect


So whats the point? Well you can save a photo as a PDN, sharpen and export it without modifying the original. This could also be a springboard for creating other types of effects and color blending using layers. It just might be useful for plugins? I dont know... Been experimenting with it and wanted to share the info.

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