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How can I replace or merge a partial (selected) area with a new image/texture?

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Hi everyone! 😀🖐️


I am new user of Paint.Net but as far I see it seems to be very potent. I am also sort of new to image-editing with only basic knowledge but I try to learn as I go forward. Basic knowledge for me means how to mark areas, copy paste, adding a layer, layer opacity etc on a beginner level. Now to my Question.


How can I replace or merge a partial (selected) area with a new image/texture? I make an example with 2 pictures below.

I want to add a "fake" tattoo on the woman on the picture (photo_1.jpg) as a sleeve (right arm from wrist to shoulder) by using another picture with a tattoo picture/pattern (tattoo_1.jpg).


1) How would you do it - I guess there might be an easy way and a more complicated (with better result) as well?

2) How do u actually mark the area to be replaced with the new photo? - I struggle a lot with the Lasso tool to mark areas - probably because im new - but when I try to select an area and want to be precise about the edges I zoom in - but then the picture auto-centrates and moves so there goes my lasso marking and I have to start again - must be an easier way to mark an area that is not rectangular with decent precision - or ...?

3) If I want to make the "tattoo" more withered or sharp or shiny I guess I can use some effect /filters. ? Can u do it afterwards or should you do it when you paste/merge/layer it?


Preferably explain step by step since I'm a beginner and if u just say "use the xxx - function" I will be as lost as before - so please explain to me like im 5-years old! hahaha 😁

photo_1.jpg and tattoo_1.jpg


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Open the image of the woman

Open the tattoo and select to add as new layer


Luckily your tattoo is a smaller image than the woman.

Position the tattoo over her arm to where you think it looks good.

Double click the tattoo layer from the Layers window to show its properties


(see this image as a reference)



Change the opacity to 180

Change the Blend mode to Multiply


By now it should be looking just about right.


From the layers window select the layer of the woman to make it active.

From the tools window (or menu) select the Magic Wand.

On the toolbar set the Tolerance to 35 as seen in the screen shot here



Click the green background near her knee and most of it should be selected now.

In the Layers window click the tattoo. Press the delete key on your keyboard and most of the tattoo should be removed from the background except her arm.

Now go to the Edit menu and click on De-Select


Here is the fun part.... Select the Eraser tool and set the Hardness to 25. Set the size to 80.

Now erase away any part of the tattoo that should not be in the image like over her clothes. You can fade the tattoo by going around the edges to give it a feathered look.


Thats about it. Have fun, welcome to the forum and please post any questions you might have 🙂

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Posted (edited)

Looks sweet @Disk4mat


I will try this - Seems to be easy enough to follow You got what I was searching for - thanks a lot!!

And if I want to make the "tattoo"-layer more sharp, shiny or withered I guess i just pick the "tattoo-layer" and add then try different effects - from the Menu -> Effects??







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1 hour ago, Newb2paint said:

And if I want to make the "tattoo"-layer more sharp, shiny or withered I guess i just pick the "tattoo-layer" and add then try different effects - from the Menu -> Effects??

Don't guess...  just try it.  You'll learn much more by experimenting.

And by reading the comprehensive documentation; click the ? icon, top right in paint.net - or go to https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/index.html

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@Tactilis is right. You learn the most by doing and trying. You always have that Undo feature to lean on if something doesnt turn out right. But a couple of tips might be...


Deeper black ink = increase the opacity from 180 to 220

Faded / withered = Use the eraser tool with a very low hardness value and feather the edges of the ink

Gloss or shine. Well in that photo there is not a direct light source, so any shine might look kinda out of place.


Here is a nice effect I tripped over using @Tactilis advice. A nice random faded look.... Effects > Render > Turbulence



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Posted (edited)

Tried it and it works really good! Thanks again @Disk4mat for the thorough tutorial. I stumbled into a related question while I was working.


Mayby its a stupid question - I think I have all bits and pieces but my poor head cant figure it out since im a bit new to editing lol 😊


If I want to change just the pattern/texture to another texture - there must be a smart way to use the existing layer that I have cleaned and then 😕 somehow  😕 just replace the first tattoo/texture with the new and dont have to add new layer, magic, erasertool which can take some time if you are thorough?


I have made the 2:nd layer and cleaned it from overflowing her arm (pic1). If i want to add the new texture (change the pattern to pic2) and dont want to go through same process - how can I do it the best way? I mean I have allready made an selection/area where I say the original tattoo's texture will be shown - now I just want to change the pattern/texture "in the selection" to pic2 I must be able to use the same selection in some mysterious way right??  😃🤔



Pic 1



Pic 2


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