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Line/Curve Tool - "Dash Type" plugin?

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As everyone knows, the Line/Curve tool let's you choose the type or line you want ... ranging from a solid line to some combination of dots and dashes.


Is there a plugin which provides other "Dash Types?"


Specifically, I need to be able to draw lines with short perpendicular cross lines, to symbolize railways on a map.  Something like this:



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Hey @HankP, this one is really hard :)

Here are 2 examples but none is perfect nor easy to use.

You'll need two plugins, Trail and AA's Assistant:


There is also Vanishing Trails which is worth a try. I didn't tried this one.

Example 1:


Create 2 layers, Layer 1 is a long line and Layer 2 is one short (perpendicular) line which we duplicate using Trail plugin (Effects > Object > Trail).
This works on straight lines only.

Example 2:


Again, create 2 layers, Layer 1 is a solid style curve and Layer 2 is dotted style curve. Try to somewhat match "curvature" of curves, so they look similar.
Layer 2 (dotted curve), apply Effects > Object > Trail (Distance 22, Spacing 1, Direction 162, High quality - these are setting used in my example)
With Move tool align any of the layers so Layer 1 (solid curve) is in the middle.
Use Effects > Object > AA's Assistant to smooth Layer 2 curves/lines  a bit (AA's settings: Soften the edges, Sharpness 2, Gamma 2, Offset 1).

Depending on the curve orientation change Trail Direction.
This example works on straight and slightly curved lines.

Update: if you apply AA's Assistant on Layer 2 before Trail, you will get better results.

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There is a better option using Dynamic Draw:

Create new brush in paint.net, I did a small one with 40x100 px dimensions and 12px line in the middle (transparent background). Save as png.
Now create a new document and on a new Layer draw a curve with Line / Curve tool.
While that layer is selected go to Effects > Tools > Dynamic Draw
In Dynamic Draw, go to Add Brush Images and load your png brush and select from the brush list above.
Set brush size to 30-40, and under Special Settings disable Auto Manage (play with different values) and check Rotate With Mouse.
Draw over (follow) the curve.

You will get something like this:

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