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Switched to Paint.net after abysmal performance from Corel

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When I first installed Corel Paint Shop Pro X8 it only took about maybe 6 or 7 seconds to open up. It was tolerable, not too bad at all. Now for some reason when I click on the Corel icon on my taskbar, it appears the program won't open up at all. Then about 2 minutes later the program opens up. I said to myself no more. I dumped it and installed Paint.net. Paint seems much quicker and snappier which I like. Doesn't appear super-bloated like the software that these Photo Editing giants put out.


And I certainly don't need a program like Corel to do simple photo editing like cropping and changing brightess and cloning. 


And on the Corel forum many people had the same complaint about how sluggish it is.


Glad that bloatware is off my computer.

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Welcome to the forum!


I know exactly how you feel. I also was running X8 and it wouldnt start unless I went to task manager and killed the process and tried starting again. I upgraded to v 2022 with a discount. Its horrible what Corel has been doing with PSP version 10 was the last good one I recall as performing well without too much junk.


Paint . Net (PDN) is so snappy and gets the job done and a great job it does!

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