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Accidentally Clicking "Print" Seems and Exiting the Print Pop-Up to Freeze Paint.NET

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Literally, right now, I accidentally clicked "Print", and as I didn't want to print my work, I went ahead and closed the print window, as afterwards, Paint.NET froze, and I'm pretty sure the only thing left to do is to forcefully close it with Task Manager. The issue is that I haven't even saved my work yet, so it's basically just lost forever, so at the point I'm in, I'm actually pretty upset about this.

Is there any plans to fix this, or has anyone ever had this happen to them before? And if anyone knows why this happens, can you tell me why, please?


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I don't have that issue.
New document (moderate size), few layers and effects applied. And then I did these steps:

- File > Print: cancel print dialog using X (Close), Cancel button and Esc
- CTRL+P: same process
- Print icon from the Toolbar: same process

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Posted (edited)

It's probably because I was editing a pretty large file. I've decided to make my image again from scratch, summoning all the courage and energy I have.

Wish me luck :)

BTW admins, feel free to lock this post, as I think we're done here. Still wondering what was going on there.

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