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mouse vs graphic tablet??

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do you use the mouse or do you use a graphics tablet for drawing...i find the subject of many a contest to be really hard using the mouse, like this weeks contest to make a mural, thats really hard for mouse users..


what do you use for drawing (only)

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I am a mouse user and would probably not be able to switch over to a graphics tablet now.


As for this week's mural contest, you are allowed to use images from the web in the SOTW competitions, so no drawing is necessary, just paste an image into your 500 x 200 canvas :)  (Although I did draw the mouse in my 2nd entry using ......... a mouse 😂)

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I use a tablet. Wacom Intuos (Medium)... I just upgraded from an older smaller version. I cant express how much I love it. Just a rundown how I use it. I have my mouse and tablet sitting side by side so I can switch back and forth. *Denotes custom hardness, spacing, opacity settings etc


Drawing Long Lines = Mouse & Spline tool

Drawing Short Lines = Tablet & Brush

Shading (light/Shadow) = Tablet & *Airbrush

Fine Lines = Tablet

Curved Lines = Mouse & Spline

Eraser (Fading/Blending) = Tablet & Same settings I use for *AirBrush

Selection Tools = Mouse or Tablet (which ever is in my hand at the moment)


Fading lines, thickness variations, coloring and shading are where the pressure sensitivity of the tablet shines.

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