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Undock Image Tabs

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You must be talking about tearing a tab off into a separate window.  (Yes, "Tearing" is the technical term for this action.)


Paint.NET doesn't even support running multiple instances, so you can't have additional windows.

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2 hours ago, Kevin Marois said:

Why not add a feature to drag & undock image tabs, like undocking a Google Chrome tab just by dragging it?

Notwithstanding the correct answer that @toe_head2001 has given you, you didn't say why  you believe the ability to undock image tabs (by dragging or any other mechanism) should be provided.


What significant things are you seeking to do that you can't do with the image tabs? And why would they be of benefit?

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"Why not"


Because it is a huge amount of work to enable this. It's not just "okay I'll go set that property to true and voila it's done." It would actually require a major architectural redesign. The UI aspect of the drag/tear/drop is not even the hard part.


Yeah it'd be great but it's not worth the opportunity cost of everything else that would be pushed back.

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