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Kiosk Orbs!


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@ Cheezymcpoon

Frojo is right, but apart from these trifles, you did a good job! The shadow of the figure is great!

@ lolysmile

Very neat result :!: You may add a reflection to the cam as well.

@ Mystic Darkrider

not too bad! Just move the reflection of the orb a bit upwards.

Thx for posting your outcomes! :)



.::[ Kiosk Orbs ]::.

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Thanks, I completely redid it:

Looks great now, excellent job.


How come I get this:

Take the :MagicWandTool: Magic Wand-Tool, set the Tolerance to 0% and click outside the circle on "Layer 2", then hit [strg.] + to :InvertSelection: Invert the selection, so you’ve selected the entire circle.

[strg.] + says: [strg.] +

It's everywhere in the tutorial, but I figured out what all of them meant.

I am using Windows XP.

I think this has been mentioned before, but I don't think it has been answered.


An expert in anything was once a beginner. Remember that when you read my posts ;) .

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that are shortcuts, which simplify a lot steps of the procedure. [strg.] + [.I] f.ex. inverts the selection. Certainly, the shortcuts weren't supposed to be SO small! That's a probem of the new forume which I forgot to fix ->

[size=9][i][strg.] + [shift] + [R][/i][/size]

that came out (in the old forum) as sth like this -> [strg.] + [shift] + [R]

code ->

[size=85][i][strg.] + [shift] + [R][/i][/size]

size=85 instead of size=9! That's why everything is so tiny! But I'll fix it right now. ^^





.::[ Kiosk Orbs ]::.

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Excellent, but you lost me at this point " 4.2) Go to Rotate / Zoom [strg.] + [shift] + [Z]

--> Angle: 0,00 | Twist Angle: 90,00 | Twist Radius: 75,00 | X Pan: 0,00 | Y Pan: 0,00 | Zoom: 0,95x.

Where or what is this? i cant find a plugin anywhere either, or am i being dumb :lol:


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