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FEATURE REQUEST: (Slightly) More Stuff for the Line Tool!

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As the Line Tool was recently updated (since 5.0, straight bends were added for lines), I wanted to add onto the update, giving it more features I came up with:

Adding/Removing Points from Lines:

I've always remembered there being about only four "points" that are used for bending lines.

As an avid user of the shape and line tools, I wanted the ability to add or remove points from a line, in order to bend it at more areas.

Here's a mockup of what it could look like in the toolbar. Perhaps we could call it "Bendpoints". Feel free to suggest a better name for it.
I primarily want this feature so drawing could take slightly less steps, and make some of the curves look smoother.

(slightly) More Types of Line Caps:

At the current moment, we have about 4 styles for starting and ending caps for lines.
However, I wanted to add more styles, as I use the geometric tools a lot in my works.

Here's another mockup of more styles I suggested for the starting and ending caps for the Line Tool. Once again, feel free to suggest better names for the ones I added. I'm personally not very proud of the name for "Rounded Flat", but I didn't know what else to call it. It's essentially like the rounded rectangles.
The way I made the icons for the new styles I added was by taking the flat cap, and giving it a new style, and that pressure one was rather challenging to get right, to say the least. The reason why I'm asking for these is basically the exact same reason I'm asking for the "bendpoint" feature; it'll take less steps if these were added.

I didn't intend to add to much, as I pretty much suggested a rather modest amount of new features. I considered how the development time for the features I added, so I tried to avoid asking for an overwhelming amount of features.

Feel free to provide any feedback!

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1 hour ago, Disk4mat said:

Either a few built in, or the ability to save and load brush settings.

I actually do remember someone suggesting the ability to save and load brush settings before. I also think that should come in handy.


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I love all these suggestions @BlastOfBN! And the brushes @Disk4mat!   Let's see what @Rick Brewster comes up with when he's ready to start implementation.

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Posted (edited)

I just tried my Wacom with PDN 5.0.7 and working ok here. Make sure your tablet is connected, Windows Ink enabled and checking for an updated driver might not hurt. Sometimes unplugging and plugging back in will fix it.

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1 hour ago, toe_head2001 said:

It should be working. Ensure it's enabled in the Settings.

Oh... so it was moved, right? Or was it always there? Because I remember you were able to enable/disable it from the tool's settings below the navigation bar.


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40 minutes ago, BlastOfBN said:

Oh... so it was moved, right?


No, it was not moved. The checkbox in the Settings completely disables all Windows Ink features in Paint.NET.


You're thinking of the button in the toolbar, which only controls pressure sensitivity for the current tool (ie. the paint brush tool).



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(June 9th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

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The checkbox in Settings and the button in the toolbar are not the same.


Un-checking Windows Ink will disable the entire "pointer"-based input stack. That includes pressure sensitivity and high-frequency sampling. This is meant as a troubleshooting feature. Any tablets or pens will be emulated as a mouse when this setting is unchecked.


The toolbar button only disables pressure sensitivity, something you can do for aesthetic reasons. It essentially ignores the pressure data coming from the pointer input stack. You still get high-frequency sampling.

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