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Hello @Marylandball Productions, there is a small application AutoHotkey: https://www.autohotkey.com/

You can change keyboard shortcuts for paint.net and other software too.
Here is a sample where F12 replaces Ctrl + Shift + S:


; paint.net
#HotIf WinActive("ahk_exe paintdotnet.exe")
F12::  ; Replace Ctrl + Shift + S with F12
    Send "^+s"  ; Ctrl + Shift + S, Save as


If you want to try it out, first download and install AutoHotkey.
Then paste a sample above into Notepad (or more powerful text editors) and save as choose-your-filename.ahk

Double click on a saved file and you are good to go.
Also check AutoHotkey documentation on how to write custom shortcuts (^ is Ctrl, ! is Alt, + is Shift).

You can create scripts to export jpg, png, gif with custom shortcuts or even a really great full screen preview by @Tactilis


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Updated script to match the process name
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@Lemonade this may not apply to your situation but FYI, I avoid using:



to determine that Paint.NET is the active application because it will also match other applications whose window title includes the string "paint.net'.

For example, I have Notepad++ running all the time with various open document tabs, one of which is C:\Users\Martin\Documents\paint.net forum links.txt

If I'm updating that tab and press F12, which is a valid Notepad++ shortcut key, then using:

#HotIf WinActive("paint.net")


would match the window title 'C:\Users\Martin\Documents\paint.net forum links.txt - Notepad++' and send Ctrl+Shift+S into Notepad++ in place of F12.


It's safer to match the process name using:


#HotIf WinActive("ahk_exe paintdotnet.exe")


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