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Feature Request: Text Line Spacing

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I reproduce and upscale documents with paint.net, and I am tired of having to manually position every line of text to match the line spacing of the documents I'm working on. Certain texts are copyrighted and may not be edited. I would like a feature added to the Text tool that allows modification to line spacing as with font size (with decimals, such as 1.34 ).

A use case example would be my attempt to upscale the DnD 5e Character sheet skill list with Scala Sans; it would be beneficial to be able to type all of the lines at once and adjust the line spacing so that the higher DPI font overlaps the lower DPI text exactly. Perhaps I want to change the font to Scala Sans LF to eliminate the framing for background effects.

The plugin tool tries to maximize the screen every time you change something (which breaks paint.net on 3 monitors) and I cannot adjust its positioning as I am typing, meaning I have to reposition it to check multiple times, which is annoying and unnecessary. Your Text tool already has the functionality of updating as its being typed, this solution would be better.



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